A Detailed Comparison Between AdsBeast & Uc Union

So far you might have wondered which ads network pays. Surely there’s Google AdSense, but scenario is they do not allow copyright/download niches — neither there’s good alternative who pays more.

Today in this article I am going to review AdsBeast and UC Union and going to dig out which of these two network pays highest in download niche.

The benefit of using these two ad network is –

  1. It allows download/warez/adult niches.
  2. It’s one of the biggest network of Indonesia.
  3. Highest payout rate.
  4. Trusted.
  5. Easy to use, simple banner ads.

I’d be using Uc Union vs AdsBeast article as a reference to the context.

Test Conducted on:

Niche: Download niche.

Daily pageviews: 500k

Top country: Indonesia.


Here’s the report of Uc Union – 

UC Union Report

No of Impressions Received: 15,369,746

Revenue: $171.70 USD

And the report of AdsBeast –

AdsBeast Report


No. of Impressions: 6,908,532

Revenue: $1,621.27 USD

A classic earning with AdsBeast. Yea, it’s really crystal clear who’s the highest paying network.

Ain’t it?

Uc Union maybe a authority ad network; AdsBeast is being a strong competitor of Uc Union.

You must try AdsBeast is you’re in download niche.

Uc Union do accept most of the publishers, however AdsBeast is a Premium Network and only approves site with over 50k/day visitors.

Both the network has a monthly pay system, payment through PayPal or Wire Transfer.

On compare to UC, Ads Beast has tremendous support for their clients and gives personal Manager who assits for the best ads placement for maximum revenue.

On avgerage you can expect somewhere around $50-100/day revenue from AdsBeast, comparing to that UC Union has a less income around $5-10. So it’s totally upto you what you would be using to monetize your website.

SER Powerhouse: Is it a BS?

Turn GSA SER into a Beast with SER Powerhouse

beastThe ever resourceful Georgi at KM sent out an e-mail to existing users a couple of weeks ago asking them for their input. So it seems that the feature set is still growing even this late in development.

Here’s the thing. No matter what sort of SEO or Internet marketing you are interested in, I think most people now realize that the best results are achieved as a synergy between link building and content. And it’s not so much the content on your own site that counts anymore, it’s the content that is surrounding your links.

It’s an obvious move for both GSA Search Engine Ranker, and Kontent Machine to want to bring these two powerhouses together. To create a closer relationship between these two tools. It looks like SER PowerHouse.

With the best will in the world, GSA SER, while being a very powerful tool, has always had a few issues. Despite being regularly updated and having literally thousands of users world wide, there are always questions around how to set up campaigns properly, where some functionality is hidden and some confusion regarding the layout of the user interface. Go to any SEO forum and take a look on threads and the user will tell you the tool is awesome, but a little hard to set up. Content takes time to add and the settings for the best campaigns are fiddly to implement.

Don’t get me wrong. SER works beautifully. It’s not buggy, it is one of the most stable and hands off applications I’ve ever come across. It works for days without intervention and creates links to whatever standard and quantity you need once it’s set up to run. But that’s the thing, ”Once it’s set up to run”. SER Powerhouse is the tool that is going to bust through that problem and put the power directly into your hands.

Expect tutorials, bonuses right here on this site. and of course discounts whenever we can het them. We intend to be the one stop authority for SER Powerhouse, the tool that links Kontent Machine and SER Search Engine Ranker together.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with, in the meantime, here is a link to the questionnaire, I’m thinking we will see something in the first quarter of 2016. As soon as I have more information, (and I have asked to help beta test this software so will be one of the first to know), I will let you know. One thing I can tell you, it is likely to  be an awesome application.

Can’t wait to test the software?

Get it from the official URL www.serpowerhouse.org at exclusive 40% discount!